Bart Maloan
fine art

bart maloan

                              #210-610 3rd Ave New Westminster BC  V3M-1N5

                                                              (604) 428-3579


  BART MALOAN is a native of British Columbia, Canada and resides in Vancouver, he works from his studio. He was an active member of the ArtsCouncil of New Westminster,  the Community Arts Council of Victoria, and the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild, he has participated in some the islands premier group and solo shows. He works in many mediums, acrylic paint, clay, cardboard, cement, collage. Having trained at Langara Community College in Fine Arts: with a certificate in Interior Design from VSB. In 1999 he organized an Open Studio Event, (an evening with six artists in their studios). After many years as a partime portrait painter he is now devoting more time to a career in fine arts. He studied at The Victoria College of Art and Design in Printmaking, where he also recieved his certificate in Mold Making, Casting and Sculptural Techniques (2010)



  I want to express and document my thoughts and fellings through my art, some of my work is narrative or perhaps a metaphor - other pieces are simply trying to express the beauty and concerns that surround me. I have no fixed or disernable style and let the subject of my work lead me to a medium. Above all, I hope my work is appreciated on it's artistic merits; colour, technique, design and secondly on a personal level through subject and statement. In each piece of art I explore challenges in medium and set new goals to create a voice that speaks to the viewer.


                                                                      Curriculum Vitae




Victoria Senior Secondary  1975-76        Mural painting and instillation, Sculpture, Screen printing and Batik

Open Space Gallery  1976                        Pottery hand thrown, wheel and hand made glazing techniques

VCC Fine Arts 1989                                   Watercolour, Commercial art, Life drawing and Cartooning 

VCC  1990                                                   Certificate in Interior Decoration

Victoria College of Art  2008                    Photoshop 3, Sculpture

VCA  2009                                                  Certificate in Sculptural technique, Cast and Mold making, Art History

Monterey Centre  2010                            Abstract techniques in acrylic painting




Curated and exhibited The Pacific Artists Studio  1999

Curated and exhibited The Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild  2010

CACGV  "LOOK" group show  2009 - 2010 

Arts Council of New Westminster  solo exhibit  2009

FAST 8th Annual artist's studio tour in Victoria  2009

Victoria Truth Centre group show  2009

Sooke Fine Arts group show  2009

Victoria Art Gallery "The Moss Street Paint-In" 130 artist street festival  2009

Victoria Central Library  2009

Martin Batchelor Gallery "Annual Colin Fraser" gay and lesbian group show  2010

"Cheers to Art"  auction in Richmond Virginia  2011

"Everybody Farts - Human Equality" 2018

"NO RAINBOWS" solo exhibit contemporary gay art, "Little Sisters" 2019 




St. Catherine's University Cambridge England program cover  2009

Island Writers Magazine illistration  2010

Art News Magazine artists directory 2010

Unfolded Magazine online Fashion/ Art/ Media  2011